Vinas Mora Kaamen 2021


Region: Primostensko Vinogorje
Grape: Babic
Category: Red
Soil: Limestone and some parcels of Dolomitic limestone. 98% bush vines. Traditional style of plantation in small "clos" from 2 to 12 vines. No possibility of any mechanic use.
Average Age of Vines: 35 years
Average Yield: 1kg per vine
Farming: Organic
Harvest: Hand-harvested
Winemaking: 100% destemmed. 5 days on skins. No temperature control, natural yeasts.
Ageing: 12 months. Majority in plexiglass barrels & 40% in used 500L oak barrels.
Fining: None
Filtration: None
Added So2: Minimal