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Saint Aubin

White: Saint-Aubin is the colour of sunshine, with golden highlights whose exact shade varies according to where it is grown and in what year. When young, it combines aromas of white flowers, flint, green almond, and orange flower.

Richer fragrances come with age: beeswax and honey, marzipan, ambergris, and cinnamon. This is a firm and flattering wine - a bit sharp to start with but which becomes fleshier and fuller with time. This is a wine with real breeding.

Red: this wine is dark garnet or crimson colour, with strawberry cheeks. Its aromas are redolent of blackcurrant, Morello cherry, and blackberry. These are set off by spicy notes, sometimes mocha. In the mouth, it is fat and silky with a lively finish. Age adds suppleness, warmth and persistence.

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