About Us

Chapter 1
LX Wine was established in 2020. The story of this natural wine company begins when our founder Alex (LX) first started drinking serious alcohol (craft beer) on serendipity simply because there was a craft beer store not far away from the university. With huge curiosity in mind, Alex had gradually shifted his interest from beer to wine. What really sparked his wine journey was first a bottle of 1990 Chateau Leoville Barton, he first experienced what drinking history is and was amazed by how complex a bottle of wine could be. As time goes by, he had been drinking less Bordeaux and more Burgundy and yet have no clue what natural wine is until a bottle of Prieure Roch showed up. That is where the story of LX Wine truly begins.

Chapter 2
It was a bottle of 2013 Domaine Prieure Roch Ladoix Le Cloud rouge Alex purchased randomly and decided to smash during a casual dinner. Wow, was the first reaction, not a wow for its' quality, but a wow for what he had never smelled anything so unique like this bottle of wine (don't judge, he was fresh), floral, funky, fruity, just so different from what he used to have. That was the first time he tried natural wine and it was a one way ticket.

Chapter 3
After some self-studying, and some frequent drinking, Alex decided to go to Burgundy by himself for a one day trip. Without knowing a word in French (except Bonjour and Merci), he managed to get to Bist'roch (a restaurant & bar in Nuits Saint Georges owned by Domaine Prieure Roch) and drank some beautiful wines. There he met his friend Sebastien who later became a very important person to this company. That day, they shared several bottles and especially an emotional bottle of 2007 Domaine Prieure Roch Vosne Romanee Le Clos Goillotte.

Chapter 4
After more and more drinking and exploration, Alex went to La Maison Romane in Nuits Saint Georges, and that was a mind-bending experience. At just a fraction of the price of many expensive wines, he had 10 times the pleasure of drinking these beauties that are made following the natural principles. That day, he especially enjoyed the bottle of 2014 La Maison Romane Marsannay Longeroies.

Chapter 5
Upon graduating from university, Alex decided to leave his design background and to start an online natural wine company to import natural wines from France, of course including La Maison Romane. The mission is simple; to bring great producers to Hong Kong, to spread our philosophy in drinking, and to strive for being the best in this field.

We focus on the best organic, biodynamic, and natural wine producers across France, and especially a strong passion for Burgundy, Beaujolais, Jura, and Loire. Our selection includes natural scene's giants, the cults, emerging stars, and micro-négociant. They all share one philosophy; to minimize intervention on wine, take nothing away, and add nothing in, making wines with personality yet non-pretentious,. We call that as real wine, or LX Wine.

Alex, LX Wine Limited