Avis de Tempete

Avis de Tempete

The last thing a winemaker would like to see is probably a storm. What if you got hit by a frost? Like Jura or Chablis in 2017, some growers lost up to 90% of the yield. Considering their small and artisanal scale, even buying old barrels could be a problem. Given these circumstances, a winery in Jura was born in 2017 called Avis de Tempete, literally translated as Storm Warning.

It always has to begin with the story of another winery; Domaine Ratapoil. To many, Ratapoil will need no introduction. Raphael Monnier’s wines are some of the most iconic of the region. He used to work in Domaine Bottes Rouges and also as a full-time history teacher. Now, the man is fully committed to winemaking and is no longer a history teacher.

The wines of Domaine Ratapoil are always in scarcity. To ensure a stable yield each year after the frost in 2017, Raphael has created a new negociant line with his protege Marie Bourdon, and that is Avis de Tempete.

As for the grapes, they are often bought from friends and often from different regions year on year. Of course, always from organic or biodynamic growers. This exciting range of one-off cuvees often includes experimental processes — pet nats, longer macerations, and grape varieties not usually seen in the hills of Jura. Bottled unfined and unfiltered with zero or minimum sulphur, these are wines that are super friendly and lively yet nonpretentious. Great to enjoy with good friends and family!


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