Antonio Quari

Antonio Quari

Non Progredi est Regredi: “To not go forward is to go backwards”, the motto on Antonio Quari's label, who is one of the winemakers at the prestige Domaine Prieure Roch (DPR). He now makes only one single Cuvee under his own name; a Pinot Noir from the Les Briquottes vineyard in Ladoix.

Under the close tutelage of Henry-Frederic Roch and Yannick Champ, Antonio is dedicated to the health of the vines and ecosystem and hence, his 1976-planted Pinot Noir from Ladoix Les Briquottes is farmed organically for more than ten years by the only organic grower in Ladoix, then crafted by Antonio with a similar winemaking philosophy to DPR: 100% whole bunch, unfined, unfiltered, no added sulphur (only minimum at bottling). Pigeage is done by foot, and remontage by gravity only, with ten months elevage in old barrels that are stored in the same cellar with DPR.

Since his debut vintage 2017, we can foresee soon enough his wines are going to be found in auctions with a hefty premium. Yielding is extremely low, ranging from 4 to 10 barrels per year. 

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